Barony Bordermarch



A tremendous "Thank You!" to all of our new officers who have stepped forward to fill needed positions for our Barony!

Baroness Melia de La Renaudiere, OSTB

(Melia Cobb) is our current Baroness, beginning at War of the Rams 2015. She participates in Arts & Sciences, dance, and many other activities.

Lady Mary-Elizabeth of the Drunken Squirrel, OSTB

(Mary Kuehn) is our Treasurer. She works very closely with Lady Melia, also participating in dance and Arts & Sciences.

HL (Centurion) Biau-douz de la Mere, OSTB

(Beau Dumesnil) is our Seneshal and our Knight Marshal. He organizes practices for Chivalric Combat. He is frequently seen promoting Bordermarch.

Lord Merik Redaxe

(Bryan Alan Smith) is our NEW Hospitaler. The job of the hospitaler is to get prospective (and new) members what they need to get started and enjoy the SCA.

Lord Aron Ulfr, OSTB

(Ron Bentley) is Bordermarch's Herald. Need help registering a device? Have other questions about heraldry in the SCA? This is who to ask!

Sarah (of Bordermarch)

(Sarah Bellian) manages this website. She is also currently rapier marshal. She participates in combat archery, dances and drums badly, gets clobbered by children, and sets up tents.

Lord Atli Karlsson, OSTB

(James Wickham) is Bordermarch's new Chronicler! He is also a chivalric fighter, organizer of the Brewing Guild, and known for his fighting videos.

Lord Chrestien Brule

(Justin Wininger) is our archery marshal. He is also a rapier fighter.

HL Elene Kirchenknopf, OSTB

(Lisa Baumer) is our A&S officer. She also participates in scribal activities and in dance.

Mistress Isabella della Rosa

(Cindy Derrick) is our dance mistress. She volunteers in many different ways and can teach you how to make some awesome cheese.

HE Santiago de Monte Verde and HE Elizabeth de Montevert

(Dave and Beth Lathrop) host blacksmithing guild activities, sewing, cooking, and other activities such as concerts at their home.

Count Simonn of Amber Isle and Countess Tessa of the Gardens

(Ben and Liz Lee) are the founding Baron and Baroness of Bordermarch. They are well-known and beloved throughout the SCA.