Barony Bordermarch


Combat & Archery

  • Download Main Events Schedule Last Updated 6/30/18. All times are subject to change. Combat/events may be cancelled due to poor weather.

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  • Friday Activities


    • Inspections (Rapier and Chivalric), beginning at 9 am near the castle.
    • Details of the scenarios for chivalric, rapier, youth fighting, as well as archery will be available in a Word document and PDF - please download/print the format of your choice and read all the details.

    Chivalric Activities:

    Download Chivalric Scenarios for War of the Rams VII (coming soon)

    Rapier Activities:

    Download Rapier Scenarios for War of the Rams VII (coming soon)


    MOC Activities Planned for Saturday, TBA. These activities will include Youth Boffer Combat.

    "Tournament of Youth" or Children's Champion

    The Tournament of the Youth is split into 2 sections, Rapier And Chivalric. Children will make favors and bestow them on adult fighters who will fight for them. It is focused on around the lunch hour, so that fighters who want to participate can and still have time for melees.
    This year the winning fighters will be recognized in court along with the children they founght for. The winning fighter will present a wooden sword or dagger to the child.


    The archery field will be open for shooting on Friday from x until x and on Saturday from x until x. Archers may shoot once for score against each type of target. Targets will be available for both adult and youth shooting. Time and interest permitting, we will try to squeeze in a royal round.