Barony Bordermarch


Artisan's Row

Once again, we are seeking gentlefolk willing to share their knowledge and skills. As such we are currently recruiting volunteers and instructors.

Be a part of this year's Artisans Row,

Teach: Fill out the class submission form.
Volunteer: Please e-mail

Artisans' Row is not your average classroom setting. You are welcome to simply teach a one-hour class; however, the possibilities are so much more! It is a living collaborative environment, where you can coordinate classes with others in your field of interest, pass students onto the 'next step' in another field, set up an all-day demo or try-it area, offer a multi-day workshop, run an after-dark slideshow or movie, or do something else that just doesn't fit into a typical 'A&S Classes' setting. Where better than a war, to pick up new skills and ideas?

If you have any questions about Artisans' Row, or ideas you don't know how to fit into the form, please contact Honorable Lady Elene Kirchenknopf at War Artisan's Row.

2017 Class Descriptions can be downloaded here.

2017 Class Block Schedule can be downloaded here.