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There are many things to do in Bordermarch. If an historical activity inspires you, ask us about it! Our guilds (scribal, brewing, cooking, pottery, blacksmithing and carpentry) meet often, and many individuals of our populace have skills they are willing to share. Please see the new guilds page.

Webpage is seeking to provide information about any active guild or organized group that would like to be represented here. Leather? Sewing? Silk Painting? Library/Research? Tokens? Event Caravan? This webpage can publish what you provide to webminister.

Populace Meeting

Location: The Art Studio, 720 Franklin Street, Beaumont

Time: 7:00 PM, Last Thursday of each month (excepting Novembers or Decembers)

If you're new and not sure where you fit in yet, you are welcome to attend this general business meeting. We meet in modern clothing, some arriving directly from work. Discussions of old and new business occur, and Officers' reports are given. Proposals for up-coming events are discussed. Populace business meetings are held the last Thursday of each month at The Art Studio in Beaumont at 7:00 pm. Occassionally, we continue fellowship by gathering together after the meeting at a restaurant. All are welcome!

Fighter Practice

Location: Rogers Park, Dowlen Rd intersection at 6540 Gladys Ave, Beaumont

Time: 3:00 PM Sundays (unless rain)

Email Rapier Marshal... Heavy Marshal

If you are interested in Chivalric (armored) combat or Rapier (fencing) combat, fighters meet at Rogers Park, almost every Sunday, unless cancelled. Loaner gear is usually available. If it is your first time attending, please try to contact a marshal in advance so he or she can bring extra equipment. Wear comfortable clothes that cover your arms and legs and tennis shoes or boots.

HE Sir Simonn is Authorizing marshal for Chivalric combat.

Lord Zain Mountaingate is Authorizing marshal for Rapier combat.

Archery Practice

Location: 5595 Tyrrell Park Road, Tyrrell Park archery range, next to the stables

Time: dates determined by Archery Marshal; see posts on fb 'SCA Bordermarch'

Email Archery Marshal, Lord Nikolai

Please bring an armguard, and any bow or crossbow you may own. Please do not bring compound bows, fiberglass arrows, or arrows with tips that are likely to tear up foam targets. There is no shade, so bring plenty of water and a pop up pavilion.

Old Armory

Location: Home of Sir Simonn & Ms Tessa (contact for directions)

Time: By appointment

Email Sir Simonn or call ahead 409-651-3118. If you need to build or work on armor, Sir Simonn has a shop and the expertise you will need to get started. All are welcome to come use tools, daytime or evening, if Simonn is not available tor teaching or aid. Dates are flexible. If Sir Simonn is not available, Master Beau has a shop also at the Art Studio and may be able to help you get on the field.

Dance Class

Location: The Art Studio, 720 Franklin Street, Beaumont

Time: pending

Email Ms Isabella

Bordermarch European courtly dance practice is temporarily taking a break! We plan dancing again for October.