Barony Bordermarch



There are many things to do in Bordermarch. If a historical activity inspires you, ask us about it! While only a few of our guilds (scribal, brewing, and blacksmithing) are meeting regularly, many of our members have skills they are willing to share.


Location: The Art Studio, 720 Franklin Street, Beaumont

Time: 7:00 PM, Last Thursday of each month

If you're not sure where you fit in yet, you are welcome to attend a general meeting (called "Populace"). These meetings are held the last Thursday of each month at the Art Studio in Beaumont (7:00 pm).

See what's new in our most recent Summer 2016 Trumpeter Newsletter! Please help our Chronicler by thinking about future submissions for the Trumpeter including art, research, and tutorials!

Fighter Practice

Location: Rogers Park, Beaumont

Time: 3:00 PM Every Sunday (unless rain)

Email Rapier Marshal Heavy Marshal

If you are interested in chivalric (armored) or rapier combat, fighters meet at Rogers Park almost every Sunday. Loaner gear is usually available. If it is your first time attending, please try to contact a marshal in advance so he or she can bring extra equipment. Wear comfortable clothes that cover your arms and legs and tennis shoes or boots.

Archery Practice

Location: TBD

Time: TBD

Email Archery Marshal

Please bring an armguard, and any bow or crossbow you may own. Please do not bring compound bows, fiberglass arrows, or arrows with tips that are likely to tear up foam targets. No equipment is necessary for beginners, as there is plenty of loaner gear available.

Scribal Guild

Location: The Art Studio, 720 Franklin Street, Beaumont

Time: Fridays by Appointment or Demand

Contact: Keith Bryan

Arts and Sciences Day and Blacksmith Guild Open Forge

Location: Home of Elizabeth and Santiago (contact for directions)

Time: pending

Contact: Elizabeth and Santiago

A&S projects will be worked on indoors. Blacksmithing will take place outside.

The Armory

Location: Home of Sir Simonn and Ms Tessa (contact for directions)

Time: By appointment or demand

Email Simonn or call ahead 409-651-3118. If you need to build or work on armor, Sir Simonn has a shop and the expertise you will need to get started. All are welcome to come use tools, daytime or evening, if Simonn is not available tor teaching or aid. Dates are flexible. If Sir Simonn is not available, Centurion Beau has a shop also at the Art Studio and may be able to help you get on the field.

Cooking Guild

Location: Home of Sir Simonn and Ms Tessa (contact for directions)

Time: pending

Email Ms Tessa or Ms Isabella . COOKS GUILD MEETS at the kitchen of Ms Tessa's home or various other kitchens. Each interested person is welcome to attend. Dates are flexible.

Music & Dance

Location: The Art Studio, 720 Franklin Street, Beaumont

Time: pending

Email Isabella

Bordermarch dance practice is temporarily on hiatus! We hope to be dancing again soon.

Brewing Guild also meets at the Art Studio, but may be meeting at member's homes for certain projects. Contact Atli for details and times.