Barony Bordermarch



Final Baronial Polling Form - Opinion Polling: The Barony of Bordermarch

Deadline for polling - 11/1/18

Candidate Polling information: please read

Candidates for Baron and Baroness 2018, to be invested at War of the Rams VII

Candidates for Baron and Baroness: Lord Meurik the Humble and Lady Gabrielle de Lacy

(Bryan and Krysten Smith)

Greetings unto Their Stellar Majesties of Ansteorra King Jason Drysdale Queen Margherita de Mantua, Their Stellar Highnesses Prince Miguel Sebastian de Oporto Princess Conal Alexandria O’Riordain, and to the great populace of Bordermarch. We, Lord Meurik the Humble and Lady Gabrielle de Lacy, are writing to you for consideration of the next Baron and Baroness of our beloved Bordermarch.

Their Excellencies, Melia and Lessandra, have done a great job serving Bordermarch and Ansteorra during their time as Baroness and Baronessa, second to none. We have comfort in knowing they step down with a prosperous Bordermarch, full of awonderful populace.

Lady Gabriella started playing in the SCA in 1998. She has grown up knowing Bordermarch as her home and family. She is the current Perseverant of the Silent Trumpet for Bordermarch and Deputy Hospitaler. Always one to help, she can usually be found volunteering at events. Lord Meurik came to the SCA in 2010. Not knowing of this wonderful dream until he met Gabrielle, his bride, who showed him this glorious world. He is the current Seneschal and Deputy Knight Marshal, while previously holding the office of Hospitaler, Chronicler, and Deputy Seneschal. Together we have our beautiful daughter, Darcy, who is growing up knowing the magic of the SCA likeher mother before her. We have fully weighed this decision, sought council from current and past Excellencies and dear friends. The support and well wishes from our family and friends are truly breath taking. Our interests are solely in the growth and happiness of Bordermarch. We are constantly inspired by all the members of this Barony and are blessed beyond measure to be a part of this family that works so hard to make the Dream happen for us all.

Forever in service,

Lord Meurik the Humble, OSTB - MKA Bryan A. Smith

Lady Gabrielle de Lacy, OSTB - MKA Krysten Smith

Candidates for Baroness: Lady Quendolyn of the Silent Lake

(Gayle Simon)

If it may please your Stellar Majesties, I wish to be considered for the position of Baroness of Bordermarch. I am grateful for your wisdom, courage and guidance. I have been a member of the SCA for 39 years in November of this year. Most of which have been in this stellar Kingdom, and Bordermarch. I have traveled extensively throughout many kingdoms in my mundane life for work. Now I am home, semi-retired and only work occasionally for pin monies.

I will be fully accessible to the crown and populace for any need great or small. I wish to see this grand Barony continue to be the brightest jewel in this Kingdom. There are many talented artisans here that need recognition and nurturing towards their full potential. We have many skilled combatants that also need recognition of their labors, too.

My talents are yours to command. I await the opportunity to assist and serve in any way my wise crown sees fit.

Thank you for your consideration,

Lady Quendolyn of the Silent Lake - MKA Gayle Simon