Barony Bordermarch


Welcome to the Current Middle Ages! Barony Bordermarch is a medieval recreation group located in Beaumont, Texas and surrounding area. We are a branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), a non-profit, educational organization dedicated to recreating and researching pre-17th century European history. Bordermarch is located in the Coastal Southern region of the stellar Kingdom of Ansteorra (Texas & Oklahoma). Our members participate in Chivalric (armored) fighting, Rapier (fencing) combat, Archery, and Equestrian activities as well as creating many items inspired by history.

Arts and Sciences endeavors range from early civilizations to 1600. This could mean sewing and textile production, cooking, blacksmithing or armoring, carpentry, pottery, scribal (illumination), bardic performance, music, dance, gardening, brewing, or anything else you could research.

More infomation on the Society for Creative Anachronism and Barony Bordermarch can be found on the Newcomer Informationl page or the Barony Bordermarch's Facebook page.

Youtube video filimed at BAM 2009 - By the Rising of the Star